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Difference between Marula oil and Marula Carrier Oil

From one of our customers we received the following message
just curious, what is the difference between 'marula oil' and 'marula carrier oil'?
Being a commonly asked question we thought we could share our view on this  with a small blog post . Below is our reply :
Hi! , 
Great question !! In the pure interpretation of the word there is no difference between "marula oil" and "marula carrier oil" . The term carrier oil is used in the context of using essential oils. Essential oils are not really oils but are actually aromatic distillates. As most essential oils are high concentration distillates (think 100% proof alcohol for comparison), these essential oils are mixed into other pure seed oils like a pure marula oil to allow for the essential oils to be applied on the skin. In this case the marula oil will act as a "carrier" for the essential oils.
Unfortunately in the market we have seen a number of folks label certain oils as carrier oils.  When one looks carefully, one will find that the key ingredient oil  (in some cases marula ) is often mixed with another cheaper oil (vegetable oils etc )  and labelled as marula carrier oil. 
Always read the ingredient list carefully. A pure marula oil will  be cold pressed, golden in colour, have a pleasant leafy scent, and is quite viscous. One drop of real marula oil is enough to moisturize your entire hand. 
Take a look at our website and our marula oil. 
We have more information there. Let us know if you have further questions. 
The Fronaturals Team 

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