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Genuine Aleppo Soap / Le Savon d' Alep

Genuine Aleppo Soap / Le Savon d' Alep

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Handmade authentic Aleppo soap from Syria. 

Ideal for general skincare, Aleppo's "Green gold" is made from olive and laurel oils whose legendary skincare properties remain unrivaled. Following ancient tradition, the soap is then dried for 9 months in the open air. This exceptionally mild soap is cooked in cauldrons from olive oil, laurel oil and soda (extracted from sea salt). 3 days later, the soap has been cooled, cut into individual cakes, stamped by hand and stacked to dry and mature in the sun. Over a period of 9 months, the soap will benefit from the heat of the sun, gradually acquiring its exceptional hardness and final rust-like hue. Pure luxury for your skin. Fragrance free 

  • Olive Oil, Laurel Oil. 100% natural soap. Plant Based. Ideal for general skincare.
  • Great for sensitive, dry skin, cleanses while hydrating the surface of the dermis
  • hypoallergenic, paraben free, sls free
  • 200g 

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