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The Best Natural treatment for Eczema

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The mere mention of the word "Eczema" conjures up image of dry, itchy, flaky, scratchy skin. In fact eczema is one of the most common skin aliments in the world. Also referred to as "Atopic dermatitis"  eczema is an inflammation of the skin that can manifest itself in any part of the body. The conventional treatments of eczema unfortunately mostly steroidal based crèmes and lotions, which unfortunately  interfere with the human endocrine system(our hormones). The is where the Fronaturals Baobab Oil proves to be a saviour. Some reasons what Baobab Seed Oil is so good for treating eczema and dry skin conditions : 

  1. Baobab Oil is Non-siccative (non drying). contains palmitic, oleic and linoleic acids which renders it a suitable cosmetic oil for the prevention of skin dryness 
  2. The small molecular structure results in rapid absorption and palmitic and oleic acids have been reported to be effective skin absorption enhancers. Linoleic acid is the most frequently used fatty acid in cosmetic products as it moisturises the skin and aids in the healing process of skin problems and sunburns  
  3. Baobab oil is considered an excellent oil to improve skin barrier function by preventing reduced  Transdermal Water Loss (TEWL)  that occurs as a result of an impaired  skin barrier due to skin inflammation , due to its high saturated and unsaturated fatty acid content. 
  4. Baobab Oil calms the skin instantly, taking away the itchy feeling associated with Eczema and extreme skin dryness 
  5. The high concentration of the linoleic and oleic acids present in Baobab oil renders it an excellent skin regenerating seed oil that mimics the three skin mechanisms of hydration, reinforcing the functionality of the lipidic mantle with lipophilic substances thus increasing the capacity to link water through hydrophilic substances and improving skin defence  
  6. Baobab Oil  is regarded as a preferred oil in skin care products due to its revitalising, moisturising and restructuring properties as a result of the balance in the saturated (palmitic) monounsaturated (oleic) and polyunsaturated (linoleic) acid composition which makes it uniquely qualified to soothe our skin. 
  7. Baobab oil is an all natural product. Its wildcrafted, and provides income and support to agrarian communities in Africa. 

Living in the cold dry weather of Calgary, Canada, Baobab Oil has proven to be a blessing in protecting our skin from the cold dry winters here. Everyone in our home uses Baobab Oil. 


Baobab Oil extra virgin fronaturals 

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