How to use Moringa Leaf Powder for Strength and Energy

How to use Moringa Leaf Powder for Strength and Energy

Below is list of common questions and tips around incorporating Moringa Leaf Powder Superfood into one's diet. Please write to with any additional questions or usage feedback.

  • Start small - Moringa Superfood has a powerful detoxification effect on your digestive system. When one starts with Moringa Superfood one needs to start with a small dose. A 1/2 teaspoon is the recommended starting dosage to allow your body to get used to the presence of Moringa Superfood in your diet.
  • Incorporate into food  - This part is particularly important. When one starts with Moringa Superfood, one needs to incorporate it with your regular food. This can be in the form of adding the Moringa Superfood powder to your smoothie, or sprinkling it on your rice, or on top of salads. By doing this you can avoid some of the stomach queasiness that can arise if you take Moringa Powder directly. 
  • Hydrate - One should increase their water intake when one starts to use Moringa Superfoods in their diet. This is very important as the body needs the extra fluids to properly process the added Moringa in the diet.
  • Your stomach may feel funny -  Whenever one tries a detoxification regime, for the first 3-4 days your body may experience strange symptoms . This can range from queasy stomachs, light headedness or even headaches. This is perfectly normal as the Moringa flushes out toxins and heavy metals from your body. This generally gets over by day 5-6 of starting with Moringa. Some people do not experience any discomfort. If you do, remember, it takes some time for your body to get rid of toxins it has accumulated over many years.
  •  Monitor - It is a good idea to keep a watch over your energy levels as they should start to improve within one week of regular usage. Its important to establish a baseline before you start with Moringa Superfood so that you can clearly establish if its working for you or not.

You should see a marked improvement in your energy levels well before you are halfway done with our 4oz packet.  

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