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Do you really know what "Mineral Oil" is ?

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Recently a friend of mine visited a beautician for a facial wax procedure as she had an important party to attend. After the waxing procedure was done, the beautician asked my friend if she could clean her face using "mineral oil". My friend did not pay much attention to the same and confirmed that the beautician could go ahead. The lady proceeded to clean my friend's  face with the "mineral oil", and my friend returned home. The next day when she woke up, my friends face was covered with a red rash under her skin that itched like anything. She went straight to a doctor who diagnosed her as having had an allergic reaction, either to the mineral oil or some substance in it. It took her a week of anti allergy medicine and calamine lotion to recover from the rash.  Once the rash was gone, her skin appeared dry and brittle as if it had aged 5 years in a week 

.When my friend told me about what had happened I provided her some information into what "mineral oil " really is.

"Mineral oil"  is a petroleum based  derivative product that is manufactured as a by- product of the fractional distillation processing of crude oil to produce gasoline and diesel. It is NOT plant derived in any form or fashion.  Most "mineral oils" sold in the market are the base by-product from the gasoline distillation process, mixed with some kind of aromatic perfume (which also may be a derived from crude oil) . Mineral oil products are not good for your skin, as they may contain known carcinogens  (things which cause cancer). 

People with sensitive skins should avoid "mineral oil" based products, and should instead look for plant based oils that match the skin's natural PH rating. Natural seed based oils contain pure plant oils that nourish and enrich one's skin. Not only do natural cold pressed seed oils contain essential nourishment for the skin, they also contain trace minerals which also play a part in making the skin healthy and glowing. 


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