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Difference between cold pressed oils and essential oils

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Essential Oils are one of the most well recognized forms of beauty oils , They are the first kind of oils that people think about when they think about any oil other than cooking oils. However in the true sense of the word, essential oils are not really oils but distillates of aromatic compounds of plants.  Most essential oils are extracted using a steam distillation process, though the use of solvent extraction is also done in certain case. As essential oils are extracted using steam distillation, it can be used to extract the aromatic compounds from almost anything. The most famous essential oils are the citrus oils fruit. as the key aromatic compounds in citrus fruits are in the peel of the citrus fruit and not the seeds. Cold pressed seed oils are on the other end of the spectrum as the the oils are extracted by crushing the actual seed and pressing the crushed seeds until oil is extracted. Cold pressing is also called the expeller method and is normally used only for oil seeds as those seeds contain around 20-30% oil as a proportion of their overall weight. Cold pressing is also called the "extra virgin " method in the case of Olive oil.  Cold pressed oils contain the highest amount of nutrients and trace minerals that are present in the actual seed.  Take for example our Cold Pressed Amaranth Oil. The fragrance of the oil is the same fragrance as that of the grain. This is a common theme in cold pressed oils as the fragrance of the seed or the fruit transfers itself into the oil as a result of cold  pressing which is why Extra Virgin olive oils from different soils/ places, tastes and smell different. 

In the context of fruit like the grape, essential oils are like brandy which is distilled from fermented grape juice, whereas Cold pressed oils are like the fresh fruit juice of the grape .  

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