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The magic of Marula ! Why this oil is a must for any skin type.

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Allure Magazine calls it "The secret to perfect skin and hair" .  Cosmopolitan says that "Marula needs to become a part of your beauty routine ASAP" .  The media is awash with stories of how the use of Marula oil can reverse signs of ageing and improve the look and appearance of one's skin and hair.  Let me share our experience with Marula oil and our story on how we got introduced to it. Many years ago we were based in Namibia ,  which is a lovely country in Southern Africa. One popular drink there is a liqueur named Amarula . We were intrigued by the tree and looked into what various parts of the tree were being used for. It was then that we discovered the benefits of the amazing Marula oil. I had just had my second daughter and started using the oil as a skin massage and nourishment oil for myself. Marula oil was hard to find as the nuts are collected from the wild by tribal women who then would sell them to a local mill who would extract the oil from the nuts. When we decided to share our expediences with pure cold pressed seed oils with the world , we set out to seek a reliable source of  Marula oil and today we are proud to share the Fronaturals Marula Oil with the world. Processed from wildcrafted marula seeds, the pale golden oil is flawless,  contains a high amount of antioxidants and essential fatty acids like omegas-6 and -9, which do a ton of good to your skin  protecting it from environmental aggressors (sun, pollution, wind, etc.) that can cause premature aging, and they absorb deeper and more easily into your skin, since the molecules are much smaller than traditional hydrating oils. Try it out and let us know how it works for you. We would love to hear about your experience with it. 

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