Tackling under eye bags with the Frönaturals "Miracle Marula Oil"

One of the most common issues we face as we cross 30 is the formation of bags in the skin under our eyes. Now we lead busy lives with work, kids , kids activities and home stuff taking over all of our day, leaving us with not much time to take care of ourselves. As a result our eyes are the first to show the signs of our busy and often stress-filled life. Two weeks ago we started testing our new "Marula oil" as a nighttime moisturizer on our face in general and our under eye areas in particular. 

Just before going to bed, we would wash our faces with a good soap and then take  3-4 drops of the Frönaturals Marula oil  and slowly massage it all over our face with light  pressure on the under-eye areas.

We continued doing this for a week and immediately noticed a major change  in the degree of  under-eye puffiness . The puffiness of the under eye  skin reduced considerably and the face started to look smoother and younger. We are very excited by this development and cannot wait to complete the testing at 3 weeks to report on the anti ageing effects of the Marula oil on the facial fine lines and complexion.  Try it, you will not be disappointed ! Order online at www.Fronaturals.com




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