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Our story - How Frönaturals came about

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Hi! Everyone,  Some years  ago, my husband, who other wise keeps in good health, started complaining about pain in his right toes. Around the same time he seemed to have developed the ability to crack and pop his toes while flexing them. The situation intensified at nighttime and he would continuously toss and turn and his toes would make popping sounds while he flexed them. We initially thought that this was the result of some ill fitting shoes  that he had been wearing and that it would go away once  he stopped wearing those shoes. Well, it did not go away and the level of pain started to worsen. As he had a history of arthritis in his family we started suspecting the worst. Coming from a long line of believers in the healing power of natural products, I  started to look for any  natural substance that could help him in his pain . It was at that time that we came across some research on the use of Amaranth Oil for the treatment of a variety of ailments. Now I was no stranger to the Amaranth grain or as its called in India , the Rajgira (means "Royal" ) grain .

Ever since I had been a child, i had been satisfying my sweet tooth by eating the delicious sweets made of popped Amaranth gain and jaggery (raw  sugar) which are a common Indian sweet. Sufficient to say our interest was piqued and we set out to enhance our knowledge of this oil and other natural seed oils by which we could hope to enhance the quality of our life. 

Fast forward to some months later, we had in our hand the first batch of fresh, cold pressed , Amaranth Oil. Along the way we also learned that cold pressed Amaranth Oil was actually as big deal as the yield from the grains was very low.  Fun Fact : There are over 600,000 Amaranth grains in 1 pound. Yes, that's correct and not a typo - 600,000!!!

On getting our first batch of oil we started the use of the oil to treat my hubby's toe pain. Each night , just before bed, he proceeded to rub 2-3 drops of the oil into his toe joints, where the pain was troubling him . He had been using the Amaranth Oil on his toes for two weeks only,  when my husband reported that his pain had gone down significantly. Another week later he reported that the pain has almost disappeared and that the popping and cracking sounds had also come down. 

This started our journey into discovering new oils and products that would enhance the quality of our lives and we are wanted to share this with the world. From this experience was born Frönaturals. The word "Frö" is Swedish for seed and pays homage to the fact that our little venture is focused on discovering new products that are derived naturally from seeds. From this experience also emerged our motto, to find natural  products that Enhance , Enrich and Enliven the quality of our life. 


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