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Frankincense Oil - 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade - (15ML)

Frankincense Oil - 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade - (15ML)

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  • The sap is extracted from Boswellia tree bark, then it is converted into an aromatic essential oil by hardening into a resin, and then put through a steam distillation process. The fragrance gives off a spicy, woodsy aroma with slight fruity tones, providing a calming and freshening scent
  • Frankincense has many immune enhancing abilities to combat harmful bacteria and ailments, Aids in promoting healthy cell regeneration, rehydrates dry skin, helps combat against aging effects, and may reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars
  • Used in aromatherapy practice, it is also great in meditation sessions to relax, focus, and rebalance the mind
  • It Increases: Immunity, Relaxation, Hair strength, Healing of wounds, Pleasurable aromas, Calmness and Decreases: Anxiety, Mental fatigue, Stress, Infection, Blemishes and For effective results and maximum absorption to the skin, use with a carrier oil
  • Free from: Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, GMOs, Triclosan and any other additives.
Fronaturals Frankincense Oil

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