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How to reduce scarring and healing wounds using Tamanu Oil

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Today's blog post is about one of our oils. An oil that has exhibited  almost mystical properties when it comes to healing wounds and improving the appearance of old scars , the amazing oil of the Tamanu tree. Like many people in the world, I carry  a number of small scars which I jokingly refer to as "memoirs of childhood" on my body. Some are from falls and scrapes while playing with friends. Others are a stark reminder of childhood illnesses. Most modern scar lightening creams and lotions contain a combination of bleaching agents among which are toxic ones including mercury...

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Difference between cold pressed oils and essential oils

#fronaturals Coldpressed oils essential oils seed oils skincare

Ever wanted to know the difference between essential oils and cold pressed beauty oils?

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Do you really know what "Mineral Oil" is ?

Coldpressed oils healthy skin mineral oils seed oils skincare

Recently a friend of mine visited a beautician for a facial wax procedure as she had an important party to attend. After the waxing procedure was done, the beautician asked my friend if she could clean her face using "mineral oil". My friend did not pay much attention to the same and confirmed that the beautician could go ahead. The lady proceeded to clean my friend's  face with the "mineral oil", and my friend returned home. The next day when she woke up, my friends face was covered with a red rash under her skin that itched like anything. She went straight to a...

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